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New setup for the R

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Ok, I have been modding my new 04 R for the last month or two and its been primarily new nerfs and guards, bars, exhaust, cam and uncorking you R.. Now I want to get a new suspension setup but I am just not sure what to go with… I think I will be revalving the shocks at GT thunder because I am not going with long travel. I ride all over Wisconsin on trails that go from big long straights to tighter wooded trails and a few parks. I want to try some dune riding as well. So I guess my question is what size a- arms and swing arm is good all around as well as a new axle? Most of you guys have been there and done that so just looking for some input.
Thanks Don
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I would get a +2 aarms w/ 4-1 offset wheels. KBM and Jd can hook you up. Revalves I would go w/ derisi.
I went with +1 JD standard travel arms and had Hygear Suspension rebuilt my shocks. The reason that I went with +1's is I do alot more riding in the tight stuff. But like was stated above you can get +2 and then get some 4-1 wheels if you need to narrow it down. I would recomend looking at Hygear Suspension to rebuild your shocks. I got the Pro Package and love mine.
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