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NEW on HERE and this is my R

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posted like twice of the quad what it looked like before.. here it is now. Im from oceanside and ride in glamis ALL THE TIME.... We are going for halloween if anyone wants to meet up and ride.
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nice front shocks! :thumbup:
Looks good man.
welcome fellow glamis duner from socal.

nice bike.

what arms are those Fullflight?
Welcome to the addiction! Nice quad.
So*Cal here also....

We ride Glamis, Dumont and Pismo...
sick! i'm always at pismo, glamis on thanksgiving!
who makes the paddles on the front of your bike
hey bro
what kind of shocks ar dose?
where did you get the graphics?
where did you get the graphics?[/b]

where in socal are you?
My arms are american racing arms. The shocks are Racetech. Thanks guys
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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