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New Guy!

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Hey guys thought I'd post a few pics of my new R. I had a yamaha for awhile, got rid of it, and thought i'd go Honda this time around.. and I dont regret the decision. Here's a few pics for ya.. nothin too special done to it yet.. except for the grabbar/exhaust tip mod.. thanx to one sweet 12 o clocker! Any tips or anything feel free.

12 o clock mod!! haha whoops!

Messin around in the backyard on my buddies '06 LTR
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Can-Am Spyder I saw the other day.. I want!

Buddies '06 R

Chevy Truck Driveline
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cool welcome to the site...

you know i was looking at that spyder the other day, one of those would have to be the king of all burnout machines lol those front brakes would hold all day long and you could hit 5th easy... :scooter:
O ya they would be fun thats for sure. Sounded mean and looked comfortable from what I saw too. Too bad they're so pricey or I'd trade my gsx-r1000 in on one!!
quad looks good. i did that mod, i had control and just wanted to set it on the bar like i would always do on my 400ex. didnt work out to good. i saved the quad though. i also got to ride one of those spiders, my friends dad is the shop manager at a dealer and rides one home from work every now and then so he told me to take it for a spin. JFYI itll do 90 in 2nd gear ;)
Haha ya I saved mine too.. 3rd gear across the sideyard and i felt it touch and then it went farther back so i stopped it still at 12 and set it down to see the carnarge lol o well just means i gotta get black stuff for it now! and a full system ;)
let the honda addiction begin.
get ready for the modding to start and the wallet to get thinner
let the honda addiction begin.[/b]

Haha exactly........

Welcome to the site, I customized my bike like you did in the first 15 minutes........... Too much damn power coming from riding NOTHING.

Hopefully you get a lot of good out of this site, I know I do.
get ready for the modding to start and the wallet to get thinner[/b]
Looking good!
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