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New Cam

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i've decided to get the 2002 crf cam for my 2006 trx450er. i have a few questions regarding this...
i ride mostly desert and dunes with 22" rear tires (coming), 20" paddles and stock gearing.

1.Can i still use pump gas with this cam?
2.Will this cam increase the compression ratio too much?
3.Will i have to change my jetting?
4.Is this cam a good choice for desert riding?
5.Do any site sponsors, such as woodward, sell these cams cheap?
6.Do i have to pull the engine to install?

thank guys/gals, i thought i had some more interesting questions but i forgot them :question:
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1 yes.. you can still run pump gas (it will be safer then the stock cam)
2 no cam will change static compression the 02 crf cam will lower dynamic compression from the stock cam
3 maybe
4 yes.. it a nice all around cam
5 woodwards might carry the sparks cam (same as 02 crf but not cheap)
6 no.. remove the gas tank, splash guard, and valve cover
service honda sells the cam for cheap, i think i paid $160 shipped
i bought mine off of ebay for $25 bucks. I love the thing it was night and day.;
i bought mine off of ebay for $25 bucks. I love the thing it was night and day.;[/b]
so do you have the 2006+ version engine or the older one? did you buy it from an ebay store? which one?

can i hear a little more about the performance of this cam? bottom end, mid range, top end? did performance go down at all in any of these areas? what kind of increase am i looking at?
performance wont go down anywhere from the stock cam.
tha 02 crf is the largest of the crf cams, 03 is the smallest.

the 02 is a great midrange cam, so it has slightly less bottom then the 04-06 crf cam aka 06/07 hrc cam and slightly more top end.

on the dyno the 02 crf would be my choice for all around racing (except drag) but i doubt i could tell the difference between the the 02 and the 04-06 crf cam in the real world.

i wouldnt hold out trying to find one for $25.00. it may be a real loooong wait. i would jump on anything around $75.00
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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