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new bars what to do with the key?

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whats up guys. I just ordered the gibson stem with pro tapers but i was wondering what i need to do with the key switch. do i still use it . I used to have a dale and my houser stem cam with a bracket to mount the key switch and a pro design kill switch. Just wonding what you guys did that have bars. if you kept the key or took it off?

- thanks-
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I know that some of the guys drilled a hole out in their plastic to mount it. I believe trail tech makes a mount for it also.
I drilled a whole in the side plastics above the front fender on the black part of the graphic for the heat light (carefull not to drill into your gas tank if you leave the plastic on while drilling). The switch I just zip tied to the ables in the front by thehandle bars, doesn't look the best, but it works.
I also zip tied mine to the cables, it works.
so most of you guys kept it , I know i have heard of a way to get rid of it but i dident know where i saw that i thought i saw it on this site but not sure. Well thatks that helps.
Hey, if you check back on a couple forms a go. There was a guy on the site that went by Nactracer or something like that. He said just disconnect the key switch. I put an set of pro-tapers on and that is what I did and it worked. I hope this will help but I know for sure if you look back on the topic on this site you will find it.
I removed my key and installed a Pro-Design kill switch. You cut the connector off of the key switch (not the harness). Then you take the red and black wires and splice them together. That keeps the fan, carb heater and lights working. Then you hook one wire of the kill switch to the green wire and the other one to the black wire with a white stripe. It doesn't matter which on goes were it just has to make a loop. Then plug it back in.
sweet that helps. hay do i really even need my key what is the reason for it ? The only thing i could think of is for security reasons but if someone wants a quad thell take it . Thanks alot agin that was what i was looking for.
Another idea..put it underneath the hood...just leave the key in the on postion..then if you go away or something...take the key out
I did mine like 450r_racer did. It works great.
ok how about this? i'm going to get a set of tag's with the key and light mount. But I want to get ride of the little switch box by the clutch! i NEED to keep all my lights functional, kill switch dosen't matter much (i just use the key). i'm running an ASV clutch and perch but it hits the box. so if i can delete it i will. but i guess i'll have to use a Dubach hot start on the right side (ASV dosn't have it). anyone know if these will work on the R?
as you can see i'm a little confused on how i should do this. any ideas thanks
You can just unplug the wiring harness for the control box and everything will still be fine. You will probably have to find out which wires are for the headlights and run a toggle switch though.
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