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need some wheels

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i need a new front wheel but will probably buy both fronts so they match. i ride alot of hard trails so i need some thing strong even overkill. want hipers but to much any ideas on what to use and a good place to get them
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talk to paul at woodward he will give you a good deal
got a phone number i'll give him a call
he is a site sponsor. just pm him or put it in a post under his thread,he will get back with you asap. he has real good customer service and is willing to help you out.
I know that nmotion sells hiper wheels and they give really good prices! give them a call, its on their website

as far as what I think, if you can get a good enough deal on hipers you be stupid not to buy them. They are awsome, and very durable.
heres a pic of my new wheels, there stronger than the hipers and cheaper.

they are called Douglas shamrock beadlocks, they are very thick and strong.
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