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Need More Modifications help

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-2005 TRX450R-
  • Titanium Header
  • White Brothers Aluminum Exhaust
  • Hot Cams Stage 2 Cam
  • Stage 3 Jet Kit
  • Wiseco 12.5 Big Bore Piston Kit
  • K&N Filter w/open air box
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Next things on that list would be a port job, then bored carb, and hcIII
Next things on that list would be a port job, then bored carb, and hcIII[/b]

What kind of aftermarket carbs do they have out there?
any kind of FCR carb would help your throttle response then you can get the carb bored for more air flow/ velocity from a few different shops. i think i have heard that a CRF, and YFZ carb fit the 04-05 trx's better than a new trx carb
Any suggestions on a rev box? How about the big gun HI REV? A local shop suggested that one.?.?.?
IMO get a Dynatek Programmable or Vortex programmable , I would stay away from anything that says rev box on it, no matter whos sticker is on it

EDIT you can get a dyna programmable for 200 if you look around. Used ones all the time for less. Custom curves are where its at anyway and why not have the ability to reprogram later anyway.
Might want to upgrade your valve springs if you are wanting an overrev box. I personally think all you need is the Dyna non-programmable, I have this one, works great. $200 vs. I think $350ish for the programmable.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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