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So I've had this bike since last year. Ran great decided it needed new valves over the winter. Put in +1 Ferrea valves, port polish the head. While I was in there something in the past probably a plug electrode, broke off scarred the cylinder banged up the piston. Ok. Nos oem honda cylinder and je pro 12.5/1 piston.
So with past and current mods it has
Hrc cam with hrc lid/uni filter
Full sparks exhaust
Port polish head +1 Ferrea valves
Oem cylinder w 12.1/1 piston
Dynatek cdi
So it wouldn't idle very well after. It puffs through the intake. Mind you it had stock top end before besides the cam. What it does is it will have a hanging idle until I just barely tap the choke lever. If I do that it goes down to normal idle speed, and shuts off a few seconds later. Sometimes it spits through the carb. It will spit when I kick it over as well. I put a 50 in it, a guy who works on all our stuff when I can't figure it out, said to try that. Try it same thing. Went to a 52. Same thing. I put the 48 back in today same thing. It has a zipty pilot screw. I'm really stuck and I've been on this for about a month and my guy has no time to help me with it. So I'm basically dead in the water, really lookin for some help don't usually come to forums but I gotta get riding. Thanks

Edit: bought a used carb on ebay. Dumped it in the ultrasonic got it looking good and clean. Put it on, only thing I used from old carb was jets. Still has the hanging idle and has a bog when I stab the throttle. I'm lost now I don't know what to check next. Decompressor??
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