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Need airbox help, 06 subframe and engine, 05 LSR raceframe

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I am in the process of putting all of my 2006 parts onto an 04-05 LSR race frame. Full info here:

I thought I was past all the obstacles until DFR called today to tell me the carb was an inch or so from the airbox boot. Anyone have a solution for this? I can't just add a piece of tubing to get it to mate up because that will throw the intake length out of whack. I am using all 06 parts this includes the subframe, airbox, engine, carb, engine mounts etc. I guess the full solution would be finding an 04/05 subframe but I am hoping there is another way. I haven't gone down there yet to check it out but figured I would post this up tonight.

If I do end up with an 05 subframe wil my 06 plastics, battery, battery box, rear brake parts and seat work?

running without an airbox is not an option since this is a race machine that sees wet conditions for extended periods.

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Just put a Noss adapter on it. That should take care of it I think.
Just put a Noss adapter on it. That should take care of it I think.[/b]
i might try that.

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