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Need a rod picture, and gap spec please

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i got my new engine, and NOT to my suprise, there is complications.

anyways.. i had to go hone the cylinder, and i actually brought back the crosshatchings thankfully. they were completely gone. so now i also need to re-ring it before i can even start it.

my main question. can anyone post a pic of a stock rod, or a falicon rod? i want to ID that it isint stock in there.

also, is there a certain side to side play spec of the rod on the crank? i can move it side to side a little bit. im not sure what would be excessive and what is within spec.
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here is pics.. the rod is smooth on both sides. its going to be a long night with the brushes and cleaner too for the cases.. i just hope the bottom end is what i paid for... the cylinder/rings arent.

cylinder after honing it;

rod pics and case..

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falicon crank n rod



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that looks like what i got.

any clue on the side to side play? what is considered tolerance and excessive? i can stick a feeler in there and get an exact measurement.
Why did you buy a new motor?? But that is NOT a stock honda Rod.

Good luck with the new build.

By the way, that cylinder looks good now. You gonna keep that piston or get a new one?

i believe the top end of the rod shouldn't move more than 3mm side to side
Looks like a falicon rod to me. I've seen one up close.
3mm side to side huh?

i fit a .032 feeler in there and i could go bigger...

i need to see if this thing is even worth it. im cleaning the cases now, and its an f'ing nightmare. so god damn stained, wtf man.. im looking at my engine and the cases are 20x cleaner and i didnt even touch them upon removal. this is going to take all night just to clean the cases.

the rod might be too loose now apparently? the rings are hammered. had to hone the cylinder. looking like a great $1500 purchase.
i wouldnt sweat the mine are a mess there filthy..

maybe call falicon tomorow and ask them what side to side clearances they think it should have
im going to price a piston/rings tomorrow and whatever else this thing might need.

im already shut down for a few days waiting on the head gasket, now rings, god knows what else. if the specs in the bottom end are off, its going back to the seler.. i didnt pay for a project.
i would measure the stroke, it could be a stroker! then you would have made a good purchase. i know those cranks aren't cheap!
it isint a stroker.. if it is, it will be a secret to me even lol.

so measuring from the top of the rod, it shouldnt move more then 3 mm your guessing? i can fit 1mm feeler at the base where its connected to the crank.
it looks like the service limit on the rod movement is .030...

so its out of spec. looks like i got myself into another mess.
yep .030 is max for the stock rod to crank play.

i would also have the cylinder measured, if the crosshatch was gone it might be out of spec as well.

im with you on cleaning the cases, i would almost rather ride a yamaha then a honda with cases that filthy
John you think yours is bad.... Just be glad it doesn't look like mine did. I used a lot of scotchbrite pads and it worked pretty well.

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Honda recomends .030 side clearance........but this is for stock engine!
If your running big bore/high comp or stroker setups ,or even higher rev limits I would highly recomend not running any clearance that high. I cut the spec in half, .015 max for side clearance. Remember at certain point wear will excellerate very quickly with the higher HP engines, so run a tighter spec to be safe.

BTW that is a Falicon rod. Possible stroker or Super Stock assembly, if its a Super Stock crank the throws will be polished.
i talked to the guy, it is a billet crank, the $1300 one..

the clearance is .017. i think its fine.

i had a new 12.5 piston/rings/gaskets overnighted just now. so tomorrow, i should be able to get it going i hope.
welll here is some pics..

this is the box ups delivered for a package insured for $2000
here is the crank/rod up close. if its the billet crank, which he hasnt lied to me about anything, ill be happy knowing that beast is down there.

the cases after i cleaned up some last night, new lockout cover is coming

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yep .030 is max for the stock rod to crank play.

i would also have the cylinder measured, if the crosshatch was gone it might be out of spec as well.

im with you on cleaning the cases, i would almost rather ride a yamaha then a honda with cases that filthy[/b]
cleaned the cases up decent.. by hand for now. what a bizniggle.

the cylinder has no ridges or anything you could feel, i barely ran the hone on it and it looks beautiful.. im going to let the rings tell the story.
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