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My toyhauler in good use

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I don't know about you guys but when I bought my toyhauler I bought it with the intentions of using it to haul my toys, oh well I have way more fun hanging with my girls & boy. I would say about 90% of it's purpose (since I bought it in 05') has been used as a weekend camper at the local lakes or down at the beach in lovely So Cal. I would say I use the box about 3-5 times a year for actually going riding the rest of the time (which is about 1-2 times a month) it is used for camping purposes. This was this past weekend at the Rincon beach between Ventura and Santa Barbara, about 75 during the day and drops to about 60 at night. Good times!!! Just thought I would share.


Me, wifey, 5year old, 5month old, 14 year old son taking picture

the beach about 20 ft in front of my camp

my girls

to the right of my camp

to the left
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Man thats an awesome place to camp out. Nice truck too, if thats your white Chevy.
Man thats an awesome place to camp out. Nice truck too, if thats your white Chevy.[/b]
yeah, it's mine. Thanks

Very nice truck and a nice toy hauler. congrats
yup, i always see lots of campers there at that beach. one day i'll join the crew.
nice shots. lots of attitude haulers in the ventura area.
that's awesome, nice setup ,its all about good quality times
it don't even matter if you are not carrying toys... it seems like the wifey and kids are having a blast and that is all that matters. :thumbup:
Nice pics. Looks like your living a good life.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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