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Stock 05 450R
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Well, its been a long time coming. And I have been lagging on creating a project thread due to the fact that I have not taken any nice pictures as of yet. But will try to do so soon and add them to this thread.

A little background on my build...

It started a year ago when I sent a head out to get ported and purchased a Venom piston. Well, from that point on I ran into a string of bad luck which included a badly broken foot and ankle that has taken me almost 9 months to recover from. During that time I was unable to work and did not have much to do but to work on my build. And that I did... I can't say how much time I have into it (did'nt keep track) but I know its hundreds of hours.

Now, some things about this build that aren't really visible. All of the aluminum that I polished on this R was sealed with Zoop Seal which should prevent any oxidation for about 2 years. I also sealed all of the powder coating with 2 coats of polymer sealant. The other thing not very visible is all of the hardware used to put it back together. 100% of the nuts and bolts are polished stainless steel. Even items such as the carb were put back together with stainless hardware.

Okay, some details on my 2005 TRX471R...


- Hot Rods +3mm crank (w/Honda bearings)
- Venom ported head (boot matched to carb)
- Kibblewhite valves & springs (stock size)
- Venom 12.25:1 piston (stock bore)
- 42mm taper bored FCR carb w/R&D power bowl
- Hot Cams Stage III (advanced 0.5*)
- ESR intake (modded inside and out)
- Dasa classic exhaust (ceramic coated inside and out)
- DynaTek programmable CDI
- Fluidyne radiator (polished)
- CV4 black hoses
- Hinson Clutch
- Dark Synergy springs (original version)


- Precision steering stabilizer
- Fasst Flex bars (polished)
- ASV C5 pro perch & levers (polished)
- LSR +1 stem with anti-vibe clamp (polished)
- Streamline braided cables
- Streamline front and rear rotors
- OGI clamp-on grips
- Vapor computer (mounted in bar pad)
- Trailtech mini light & kill switch


- D.I.D 520 o-ring chain
- Renthal sprockets (14/36)
- RPM sprocket hub
- RPM Dominator axle
- Houser billet bearing carrier
- LSR caliper mount
- LSR anti-fade nut
- LSR rear billet hubs
- DG front billet hubs (w/tapered bearings)


- Houser LT +2 a-arms
- Elka front LT quad rate shocks
- Houser +1.25 swing arm
- Elka rear dual rate shock & link (polished links)


- Pro Armor skid plates
- Pro Armor MX bumper (cut up and grilled)
- Pro Armor PowerGrip nerf bars
- Pro Armor PowerGrip Heel guards
- Pro Armor PowerGrip billet pegs
- Billet Works grab bar (polished)
- UPP Racing polyurethane case saver
- Bare Performance gussets (modded for stabalizer)


- Powder coated frame, brackets & lower a-arms (gloss over black)
- Powder coated cylinder & engine covers (wrinkle black)
- Chromed upper a-arms & stem
- Polished sub-frame
- Polished engine cases
- Polished cylinder head, thermostat cover & tensioner
- Polished brake pedal, shifter, kicker & thumb throttle
- Polished knuckles
- Painted calipers, master cylinders, throttle housing, oil cooler & hoses
- Black dyed radiator grills and chain guide
- Modquad billet gas cap
- ESR billet covers (brakes and throttle)
- OGI billet bar end caps
- Jet Trim custom seat cover and bar pad
- 2007 OEM headlight
- 2008 OEM black metallic plastics & gas tank (cut front fenders & shrouds)
- Home made silver vinyl graphics
- FourWerx Stealth II carbon fiber hood


- MX Front ~ ITP holeshot MXR6 20x6x10 on HiPer tech 3 single beadlocks
- MX Rear ~ ITP holeshot mxr4 19x10x9 on HiPer tech 3 double beadlocks
- XC front ~ ITP GNCC 21x7x10 on stock Honda rims
- XC rear ~ ITP GNCC 20x11x9 on stock Honda rims
- Sand front ~ Skat-Trak Mohawks 21x7x10 on ITP T9 pro's
- Sand rear ~ Skat-Trak Haulers 20x10x10 (7 paddle) on ITP T9 pro's

Okay, I think that's everything except a few small billet items that I can't remember the brand.

Also, if someone decides to add up the cost of all the above.... PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME. I don't want to know... cause it would probably give me a heart attack.

That's enough typing.... I'll let the pics do the rest of the talking.

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I wouldn't be ridding that thing i'll tell you that it looks way to damn good to get it messed up. realy nice bike and great job at building it.

Stock 05 450R
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Thats something to be extremely proud of. You did a sick ass job Miguel.[/b]
Thanks a lot Morgan... it's been one hell of a journey. I'm just glad it's over and I can ride it again. I can also focus on some other projects that I have going. This build took up so much time it's crazy when I think back at all of the work. Specially the polishing.... never again.

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i wouldnt want to even ride that, lol.[/b]
Me neither!!!! WOW dude!!!

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Norcal, this bike is out of this world, between ur bike and quadracer85s bike they are the 2 nicest bikes I've seen u guys are on a totally different level of rebuilds that most,

awesome job

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:eek:oh4: Excuse me while I go and clean my shorts!! lol You can tell that a whole lot of time and more time went into that bike. By far one of the nicest/cleanest I've seen to date.

You definitely have a head-turner there!!

Where did you get those plastics? Those are really sharp looking. Again, props to you for a killer job Nor*Cal
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