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My Red Rocket

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Here are some pics from saturday. First the pickup, then a bit of break-in! Still bone stock, right down to the huge heel guards...

The crate:

The unveiling:

Ready for inspection:

Washed, prepped, ready to go:

Blurring the landscape:

Done for day 1:

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sweet pics....must be cool to unpack you own quad. :D

Oh and congradulations
Nice, I bet you are one happy mofo.

My dealer wouldnt allow me to take it home in a box, but anyways good on yeah.
Awesome, never got a quad in a box. that must have felt like Christmas! :D
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Yeah no doubt ... thats pretty cool getting your quad out of the box it came in ... i came on a truck right from being put together just right down the road from me..... i wish i could unbox my quad...... :D
nice nice man. how many kicks did it take to start her up the first time?
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