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My new setup!! All parts now ordered!

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Ok, so after some debating back and fourth I went with what I thought would look best and here is what I ordered:

Dirt Skins Shock Covers (Black)
Dirt Skins A-Arm covers (Black)
Progrip Grips (Black) INSTALLED
DMP Honda TRX Racing Graphics w/seat cover (Black/red/grey)
H-Bomb Bumper (Polished)

I already have the TC racing exhaust and the Moose Nerf bars with heel guards.

Hopefully I will have it all in and installed this coming week, but the graphic kit is from ebay, so it may be next week before I get that. I'll do a topic with updated pics! Thanks for all the help and opinions!!
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Nice man hope to see it soon and I freaking love that bumper I wanted one but now I am going all roll parts. But I will be honest I like your bumper more than the one I am getting
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