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my bike is done

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well my bike is done what do you guys think. sry for the pics being bad the sun was in the wrong spot and i was to lazy to move the quad lol.

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so how much does it weigh?
that plastic looks sweet in the last one
i weighed most the stuff but then kind of lost track when friends were over. but some stuff weighed more then i thought. and some weighed less. o well.
good job man. and youll never be done
What did you all do to it?[/b]

rath nerfs for 100 bucks and frame paint
Wow $100! you got a hell of a deal! Looks good
Looks great , BTW who's hood is that? it look a little different than a Q/T hood.
the was an ebay hood. my bro bought it for me.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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