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I finally got my 450r where I want it. Thanks to everyone for all the help. A few months ago I traded my tricked out 400ex for this 450r. I race the AWRCS XC series and I had to get it set up for racing. When I got it, it wouldn't run right and wasn't near set up the way I wanted it so I had to change a lot of things to make it work better and hold up to XC racing. I had to learn a lot about how to work on these quads and how they work.

I had to rush right after to get it ready to race. First time i raced, and even rode it for that matter I was up all night working on it the night before. I was dead last off the line becuase I had not figured out how to make it start fast yet, made it a lap and my lug nuts all fell of becuase I didn't tighten them. Got a new wheel the next week went for a ride 10 min later a horrible noise was coming from the clutch, one of the pressure plate bolts came loose. Tightened it up and broke it off, tried used a screw driver to remove the clutch center and broke the clutch center. Got a new clutch center and I put the bolts in with a torque wrench and snapped another one off in the new clutch center. Used an ez out and replaced all the bolts with new and got that fixed. Then I finally got to ride it and the battery broke inside. Got a new battery, had to order new jets, cleaned up and rewired and soldered all the handlebar switch wires, new idle adjustment screw, and all the hoses for the carb that were missing and put on a 04/05 front end and FINALLY now I got it running AWESOME.

mod list

2006 TRX450ER Black

Full HMF sport series polished exhuast
Twin air filter and clamp
04/05 HRC airbox lid
Outerwears air box cover
06-08 HRC cam
Green wire mod(like 06-08 cdi plug increase rev limit)

2002 crf 40mm fcr (for hot start)
air/fuel screw 2.5 turns out
170 main
48 pilot
72 slow jet
OBEK R needle 3 clips from top
45 leak

08 450r front shocks with GT Thunder shock conversion
GT Thunder conversion 450r rear shock with GT Thunder Linkage
04/05 450r Spindles, hubs, a-arms
PRM baja grab bar
PRM chassis skid plate
GT Thunder dual sprocket guard
GT Thunder rotor guard
Chop Racing Gaurd dog cleaner
Maxxis Razr 2 21x7x10 fronts
Maxxis Razr 20x11x9 6 ply rears

GT Thunder Graphics kit
mxprographixs number plates
Maier vented number plate hood
Instigator racing seat cover
Renthal 400ex bend Handlebars
400ex handlebar mounts
noss racing case saver
Parking brake block off
Pro Design Kill switch
Yausa Battery
EBC clutch plates/fibers
Shaeffer Synthetic 7000 15w40 oil engine and tranny side
Pro Armor foot peg extenders
Factory FX Honda bar pad
Scott Hurrican grips
Hetrick Racing Hot start clutch lever
400ex thumb throttle
Neoprene Shock covers

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awesome man....just needs a good set of nerfs on there!

bike looks real good[/b]

I really don't like nerfs at all I just feel like the get hung up on stuff and are in the way of putting my feet down to move the bike around. I would like to get some netted heal guards sometime though.

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way to stick with it! i know a bunch of people who woulda jus said FK it... but where does that get you?

congrats man, Bike looks Good!
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