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2001 400ex w/ Title

Im selling my 400ex because I don¡¦t even ride it no more. Theres no where to ride it and basically its killing me that¡¦s its sitting in the garage and every time I walk in there and sits. Its been very well maintained. Oil always changed withen 5-6 hours of riding. Has been using Mobil 1 Red cap 15w50. Always cleaned the air filter and lubed it after ever ride. Here are the parts. The front end has about 2 rides on it. Tires and rims have about 3 rides since they were brand new. and the air filter has about 4 rides on it. :( the whole quad is basically brand new with the aftermarket parts

-Front 20 Inch Kenda Klaws
- Rear 18 inch Kenda Klaws
-Front .190 douglas rims
- Rear .190 douglas rims
- Front TCS Tripple rate ZPS shocks w/ Rezzies
- +3 Burgard a-arms
- Nacs number plate
- Nacs numbers
- Factory Effex graphics
- Rad Loc Nut
- Rad taperd bearing carrier
- JT front Sprocket
- JT Rear sprocket
- DID 520 Chain
- Renthal handlebars
- White brothers air filter
- White brothers E series slip on
- Pro desighn shifter
- Pro desighn tether killswitch (Not mounted still brand new )
- AC PROPEGS w/ heel guards(Still looking brand new not worn down new style)
- Rear shockwear cover
- Galapher front steal braided brake lines (BRAND NEW)
- EBC brake pads

I may be forgetting some stuff, The only thing this quad need is a bolt on the back of the round house carrier, I bought it like that the bolt was missing in there and never really replaced it because it had no effect on my riding. I just changed the oil last week and have not ridden it since. Its never been flipped. This is an all out MX machine all it needs is a rear shock and an axel and your set! The motor has never been open at all. Has never been touched. Motor is stock and in great condition, the only thing it has done is a Slip on. I don¡¦t know what to set on the price it is because I feel im going to take a big loss on it. Any question PM me any offers PM me. I live on Long island Exit 50 off the L.I.E

Also I forgot the mention the battery needs to be recharged because it hasn¡¦t been ridden in such a long time ƒ¼ and the neutral light doesn¡¦t work I believe some water got in that wire and just has to be cleaned. Or simply the bulb went out Thanks
¡VGreg [email protected]

Also, I will include helmet gloves and boots

Gloves are FOX
Helmet is a M2R helmet its very lite and its DOT / SNELL M2000 Aproved.

Boots are oneil size 12

and also Goggles I dont remember the brand
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