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maxxis 4-Snows

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Hope you dont mind......these are my 8's his are 9's..... pretty good tires for cheap!

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here some pic right before i took them off, so this is how they will look....

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would these fit on stock rims
yes, they will
I don't mean to be a dick... but they sell for $45 a piece in rocky mountain atv.
yeah yeah.... blah blah blah show me a link.....
prove it
Ok so it wasn't rocky mountain (i was looking through 2 catalogues at once and forgot), but here:
alright, but do they charge shipping???
Not if you make your order an even $100... I'm not trying to make an argument or anything, just trying to tell you why they haven't sold yet.
$80 shipped!!!!!
off subject, but where did you get your heat shield for your exhaust. I have been wanting a carbon fiber piece like that. Thanks. free bump.
it came with the exhaust from leo vince...
but if you want a custom one hit up eko, you send him your head pipe and he welds one on for you....
How much time or rides are on the tires?
only used for dirt drags...
probably 50-60 passes total which isn't alot since its 300 ft at a time...
I think ill take them off your hands, pm me your paypal address plz
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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