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Dayton sands in dayton maine is about the best place to ride anymore
on the weekends the owner of the pit lets atv and dirtbikes in to ride the hills and pit. its awesome cuz it is always changing because they work it everyweek.
There is probally 50 people on anygiven weekend good place
If your ever up this way check it out
The pit down the road from my house used to be the best place but then the state bought it and decided to flood it and make it in to a wildlife marsh area so now you arnt even allowed near cuz of pollution
Friggin animals
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dude so many people have been telling me that it is a sick place to ride
i live in mass and want to go there so bad so i am goin soon
Hey can you post directions if you know then coming from 95 or 93 or anywere in NH for that matter
I'm up for that too, let us know how to get there man!!
tOOmuchmetal, when I do a mapquest search for dayton ME, I come up with Dayton Island, just a little northeast of Bangor, is this the right area? This would only be about a 5 hour drive for me (Moncton NB), and I have a ew buddies with 400EX's and we are always looking for places to go riding for a weekend trip. Are there many ares to ride besides this pit you are talking about? Wouldn't want to spend a whole weekend in just one pit.

Did another search (google) and found one in the Saco area. Not to far from old orchard beach.
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