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main jet

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Wassup guys ... its been awhile! .... i was rejetting my 190 to a 195 since I'm installing a HC stage 2 ... i saw that my main jet said 190 but looking through my tool box i saw a 190RD .... what does the RD stand for?
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they are just made from a different company.

most of the ones i have just say 190... they are from kehin... the ones i have that has the RD... are from an aftermarket supplier
Ugh, im installing a hc2 too. Dont tell me I gotta go get another jet now..
I carry a few different types...and I suggest you stick with Keihin jets as some of the aftermarket ones actually differ in size when compared numerically.

One brand I carry are Shindy...and they do not have any ditinguishing marks...the Keihins have a K on them.To save some headaches hit Woodwards up for the real deal Keihins :thumbup:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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