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Macon Ga, GNC MX nationals pix

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Here is some pix of Tim Farr's quad.

Here is me and Tim.

Here is me and Hiroshi Murakami( VP of R+D at Honda) we can thank him for the 450r.

here is a K+K's quads. They are pretty sharp.

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I have found that TC Racing is making the best pipe for the trx, although mind the header it sticks out a litte i'm going to wrap mine in heat tape in the next few days b4 VA. I do believe that the K&K Graphics are available, check em out www.k&
Zac who?? Willet??
If anyone noticed in the first picture that is Wayne, the owner of PEP suspention workin on tims shocks. If anyone has a 450R with a PEP ZPS settup (hard to come by) Wayne will work with you to try and get the machine dialed in because so few of them are out there. Just another benifet to buying PEP shocks.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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