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lukester's R

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Nice R!! Just to let ya can post more than one pic per post :D
how do you do it? I did that copy and paste thing like you said in the other post?
You posted them put them in a single post you just do it again it the same post...just on the next line....
Thanks kid! I'll give it a try next time when I'm posting some new pics of my quad with the carbon fiber hood on it hopefully.
how do you like the pipe?
The sparks pipe is nice. It is stainless steel and was 459.99 from sparks racing. It really streched the powerband out and added awesome power. I think that my sparks sticker on the side of my quad added 2 to 3 hp also lol. BTW this pipe is loud but I don't have to worry about that where I ride.
cool man,nice bike
some new ones

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thats funny, you put your sparks sticker in the same place I did.....nice bike the nerfs, and bumper
Thanks Lude! :D
lukester720, looks great. Looks just like my bike. You need shocks now! (Some day)! :D
Yea I know, hopefully I will be able to get some elkas, arms and a swinger by the end of summer. I get married in september so mabey I could register them as gifts with the gift registery lol.
Make sure you let me see that registry!!!
That's cool, congrates on your marriage. I just ordered a-arms and a rpm axle for mine. I'm gettineg ready to take my swingarm off and powercoat it black like my a-arms that I ordered. My bike will be done after that and I will put pitures up! :D
That thing is awesome man! Its unbelievable if you look at the first pics you put up and then these! Sick 450 Luke, glad its up for QOTM B)
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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