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LSRacing +2 lt's

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can you get lonestar +2 long travels with custom axis shocks? I don't quite understand the website and a friend is lookin at them.
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PICKLES, you can call them(LSR) and they will answer any of your questions. Be carful of long travel! You know we as consumers cannot get the setup that the pros get. My friend has long travel and when he lands, he always hits the frame on the ground. It could be the way it's set up, I don't know. I have Elka's and getting JD Performance a-arms not long travel and they told me I would get 12.5 inches of travel. Not to bad for something that isn't long travel.

LSR (800)457-7223
Axis 209-368-5046
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Pickles, here's your info. Yes you can get 2+ from Lone Star with long travel axis shocks. The a-arms will run you $1,325.

P.S. You know even though you can't use the phone you can e-mail the company to get info. B)
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