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Lots of Parts For Sale!

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All Of these parts are off/for an '06.

Stock Steering Stem ( Not bent at all )

Stock Slip-On

Pivot Works complete carrier bearing kit along with seals. for stock carrier.

Brake Light (Small Chip)

Stock Headlight (Excellent Shape)

Pro-Design foam 3.5" filter with foam outerwear

Stock A Arms in great shape

Stock crank/rod and Sparks/CP 14.25:1 Piston. The crank is the original with about 60 hours on it. It is excellent shape and I wouldn't hesitate at all to run it in any motor! The pistons is like brand new with about 6 hours on it. I took it out because I wanted to go back to a pump gas piston. Like I said all of these parts are in excellent condition. If you are interested at all PM me or give me your email and I will send pics!

6 month old Yuasa battery. It is in great shape and holds a charge perfectly. I am getting rid of it because i got a kickstart conversion kit and I am doing away with the electric starting system completely.

I also have a set of pro taper lows off a 08 yzf 250 that will work just fine on a quad. They are like brand new. They are 1"1/8

If you are interested in anything You can reply here or send me a PM with your email address and I will send you pics and you can make me an offer.......

I know I have some more stuff but I can't think of it right now..... As I remember it I will post it on here. Thanks!
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^^^^^^^ Just added a sparks piston as well as a crank and rod.....
pm me with a price on the piston!! thanks
Just added a rear carrier bearing kit
how much for the head light, hood and head light bracket?
Just added a rear carrier bearing kit[/b]

pm me on price for carrier bearing kit
The hoods not for sale but the headlight and bracket is 60 shipped its in excellent shape.

40 shipped on the carrier bearing kit with seals.... thanks!
Headlight Sold.
Headlight Sold.
Also Have a set of stock a arms in great shape
Piston sold
Got a ballpark price on piston?
Just sold it man
pics are up
Pics sent!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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