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Lost a best friend yesterday

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found out that one of my best friends had passed away yesterday. cody was 24 years old and bone cancer got him. he fought it for 11 months, got married 1 month before he found out he had cancer. this kid was full of life, this kid was one of that baddest dudes ive seen on a quad or dirtbike, anything with a motor he just railed. why does this disease wipe out so many yound people! rest in peace cody!
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Sorry for your loss man, keep your chin up and remember him the way he would want you to.
sorry to hear that man you'll all be in my prayers. RIP Cody
im really sorry to hear that man. i couldnt imagine loosing one of my friends to cance. RIP cody, my prayers go out to you and your family
sorry for your loss.. I hope that you find comfort in his memories.
sorry to hear bro, , its a very bad disease and it takes very good people!
sorry to hear this man and his family and you all are all in my prayers.
sorry to hear bro. my prayers are with you. seems like cancer is inevitable for everybody these least he is in a better place and is looking down upon you every day. keep your head up and race like he did.....balls to the wall
man thats sad it really is, i just turned 23 friday man i couldnt imagine knowing im goig to die young and not be able to do half the things i want to accomplish

sorry for your loss man definatly is going to be in my thoughts now
so deeply sorry to hear that, hang in there, his family needs all the support they can get right now. it's hard to express the words one feels when a loved one is taken. they are now up above in a much better place lookin over us.

we'll pray for him.
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