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looking for the best exhaust for 450r

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Well im really impressed with the HMF exhaust I have. Here is there dyno with their pipe. Also if you decide to get a HMF they are online everyday answering questions in the forum sectoin.

Dyno chart
I'm sure there is somebody out there with an unbiased opinion. Lets hear it.
I like the HMF. But I think Im going to go with the Sparks Racing exhaust and a 190 main jet.
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I think that I'm going to wait for the White Brothers Carbon Pro to come out. I feel that will be a great performing pipe and it is good looking also. That is probaly why team Honda uses tham on there bikes.
The carbon pro exhaust is quite expesive, but they always make a decent product.

I talked to Sparks on the phone, they claim to make 3-4hp on the bottom, 4-5 mid, 3-4hp on top. They always have a great pipe, not the quietest but definately very solid performers. I would bet that these number are very accurate, and are not exagerated!

I talked to ESR on the phone. He is claiming 8hp more on the top. They have a quiet style endcap available also. The pipe sells for 585 plus 65 for a quiet syle end cap!

I talked to LRD, and they told me that the full exhaust will be done today, he did not have any numbers to give me, but would call me back with them. But I know they make a decent 4 stroke exhaust so we'll see what they come up with.

I talked to Duncan, and he claims to have the best 450r pipe available. But he did not give me any numbers to back it up. He did tell me the gains are 15-20%.

Lets not forget HMF, they are making 7 bottom, 7 mid, 4 on top, and it makes 13+lbs of torque. They are also the least expensive of all the pipes, and have a quiet core available for $35

The real question is how honest are these guys with their dynos?
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That is one very informative post joe!! Thanks!
I'm looking for a pipe too, hence I'm doing research daily. So far I'm leaning towards HMF / Sparks/ maybe LRD (depends on the numbers). I talked also to Matt Shearer from Shearer custom pipes, and he will have a pipe next month hopefully...he makes a killer exhaust for the 250r, that can't be beat, so I'm sure his 4stroke is nothing short of sweet...and he priced very reasonable!! If anyone else has any information, let me know, i'm trying to base my decision first on numbers, then on user satisfation, then on price!!
I'm happy with Sparks...Good gains all around. Sounds bad A too!
I was wondering if any1 has installed the FMF factory 4 system and what they think about it i had FMF on my 400 and i loved it so let me know
it seems like no one likes FMF anymore its all sparks hmf

i was leaning toward hmf but duncan sounds good too.
I got the bill ballance slipon on mine and if you run any woods riding or racing, this is the one to have...I dont think there is a pipe out there that has this kind of torque can ride it like a 4-stroke not a 2-stroke after putting the pipe on. i just raced mine with the pipe on today....awesome :D
thanks seth you just made my mind up :D :D
TC all the way, thier pipes are short, lound, light weight and one of the most free flowing pipes i've ever ridden. I used to be an FMF sponsored rider and the TC pipe is the best so far.
i would like to see some dynos of a yoshi exhaust
I just found a picture of the Yosh Pro system. It seems to be a polished unit instead of the typical Titanium or Carbon Fiber. But it is the Tri-oval Pro, no dyno or pricing on it yet. I had one of these on my KFX and it ripped, I wonder how it will work on the TRX? The construction quality of these pipes is top-notch.


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I'm deciding between HMF and Yoshimura. Heard alot about HMF, but was wondering if anyone has or knows what HP Yosi is claiming. I emailed them twice and no response, which could be a lost sale for them.
All aftermaket pipes have decent gains! The main thing is that you're happy with the product! Like looks!!
My friend bought a white bros and it fell apart within the first 6 months. Myself, I had alien DMC on my 400ex and I liked it. It gave great hp gains and it sounded different than any other pipe. With my TRX, I'm going to try the Pro Circiut Titanium pipe slip-on. Also, in my opinion, take the 42 carb off and put a FCR39mm carb instead and you will get great low-end response all the through to top end.
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