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location of dynos??

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I was wondering if anybody lived in the dallas/ft. worth metroplex (or close enough) that likes to dyno their ride. let me know if you do and where you live please... The reason why is that I live north of the metroplex and it is about 300 miles to get to a quad dyno. I think there needs to be another dyno placed around the metroplex somewhere. preferably on the north side if you know what i mean...let me know...Thanks!!!
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There are some around DFW. I have read posts about it on
Count me in - Denton
mark you should sell that 20,000 dollar razr and buy a mobile dyno!!!!! head my way!
Miller, I'd love to have one. But I'm not heading your way. I hate the cold!

Oh, and I'm keeping the RZR, I just installed a new fiberglass sub enclosure with 3 12's, it hammers!
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