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Lawn tractor engine help

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I know this is a high performance ATV site and all but I know there are lots of knowlegable people here.

So I have a question for all the small engine experts.

My 16 hp Kohler motor on my lawn tractor is back firing through the intake when I try to start it.
It will crank strong, the plug is firing good and getting fuel to it. Compression is there, have not put any compression gage on it to see how much but it seems adequate.

It was running fine, shut it off for 10 minuets then went to start it and all I get is a loud back fire pop after it cranks and cranks.
Sounds like it's firing out of time or maybe a bad valve? but it really seems like a timing thing. Altough last time I was on it, it seemed like it was lacking some power. I though maybe I was just getting too used to the R. lol.

Anyone have any ideas on what I should check? I did change the plug, no help. Thanks,
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may be a bad coil. messing up the ignition.

it sounds to be something in the ignition.

our deere did something similar. would roll and roll but no start. pulled plug. had fire, but seemed erratic. it would start on occassion because of it being a twin. but would'nt stay running.

just my advice. not sure what mower you got. but most brands that run a kohler, use same parts. maybe you got a buddy that has one as well. swap out the parts and see if it helps yours and hurts his.

save from buyin something you dont need.

Maybe this could help someone else.

The keyway that locks the flywheel to the crank shaft had sheard off, throwing it out of time.
see now........ you did'nt need any help.

especially mine. LOL
that is what I was about to say... I had that happen to a ltr250 at the dunes one time...
yea, dunno how old ur's is. but we have an old economy riding tractor with a 12hp kohler engine... thats one stronng lil tractor.
and usually when it starts running funny its somthing really simple... not to much that can go wrong with em.
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