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Last try for this stuff... chain, fenders, misc parts

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msr o-ring chain, has 3 rides on it. $50 shipped

oem white plastics for 07 er. front / rear. $200 + shipping / local pickup strongly preferred. SOLD

carbonfiber warning label covers. real CF with 3 diff logo's on em. will post pics if interested. $45 shipped

1 1/8 bar clamp adapters.. $21 shipped

ive got more parts, ill post later. need it gone
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Where are you located?
pics of the plastic please ?
Will you sell the bar clamps seperate? If so how much and can I see some pics?
whats the length on the chain? will it fit a plus 6?
whats the length on the chain? will it fit a plus 6?[/b]
sorry it isint that long, its sized for a +2.5

ill sell the clamps seperate, 21 shipped.

pics coming here in a sec of both items.
btw im located in washington. just an fyi, the dirt on the rear fender, was trapped under the warning label cover. i took it off and didnt clean the surface, its not stained or anything. ill take a new pic if needed, they havent moved since the pics.

front scoops never ran, brand new. just installed my warning label covers and never used em..

stem and bars the day i took it off. its been cleaned now, if you want em ill take the bar clamps off and get close up pics. they were only on there like 3-4 months, i went with an anti-vibe stem, nothin wrong with them at all.
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Can you post pics of the warning labels or send them to [email protected]
Can you post pics of the warning labels or send them to [email protected][/b]
ill get some pics when im home. thanks

pics of warning label covers. all screws/nuts/washers are in a seperate bag.
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stem is sold.

pic of bar clamps, need to be cleaned up but there like new otherwise:

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I like the cfr pieces, but I'm not sure about the decals. Do they come off or is there a clear coat over them?
clear coated over em. sorry
im in olympia area. they will fit an 06.
sorry never got back on last night. a local guy came and bought the plastics.
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