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Last of my 450 parts FS.. come get em

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need $ to help fund the new toy a little bit..

msr o-ring chain, sized for +2.5 swingarm on 06 and up 450s. can be made shorter/longer if you wish, but thats the starting point. only used for 5 rides to the dunes, it is like new. i paid $110 or 120 from m dealer... ill take 50 shipped?

carbon fiber warning label covers.. pic below. $45 shipped

pro taper 1 1/8 bar clamp adapters. $21 shipped

bunch of stock stuff if anyone is looking; pegs, heel guards, rear skid(2), chain, lid, tie rods, header, heatshields.

just want to move this stuff, make reasonable offer.

needs wiped off.. just removed for pic

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i also have a bunch of stickers again..


ill put em all together if anyone is interested. ill see what specifics i have
i would like your tie rods, how much and where are you
damn man, i dont even know what tie rods are worth. im in washington state.
I payed 15 shipped a while ago for one. Seems like a fair price for one IMO.

15 for 1 piece? or set?

if it was one pc, then ill go 27 shipped for both.
what we looking at for the stickers...PM please
ill gather em all from the garage and make a list.
alright.. ive got:

venom stickers
sparks sticker
maier sticker
tm designworks
slc quadcustoms
motoworks sticker
like 5 asv stickers
jd performance stickers

theres about 30 stickers total, alot of duplicates.. mainly duplicates of asv, venom, jd perf, hot cam and slc.
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I payed $15 FOR ONE not powdercoated a while ago. So if shipping is right, and they are powdercoated, 35-40 bucks would seem fair IMO.

there just straight, stock tie rods.. ill do 27. that gives me 25 after paypal fee's and 20 tops after shipping.
sent you a pm about the bar clamps
pm returned.

everything on here still available.
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