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Kingman AZ Rt66 Street Drags

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Heres the Link.

Its a really cool two days of racing. I have been a few times, but I think this will be my first year racing it, Ill be on my mx ready 450. I havent registered to race(im kind of scared, this would be my first race after breaking my back) but I think more than likely Ill be there, thats unless some really fast bikes show up and im to ashamed to loose. LOL

I know there is one guy coming from Vegas with three quads, but I dont know what he's running.

Its not strictly for bikes or quads, but they do allow it and its a 1/16 mile = 330ft Asphalt drag.

The races will be in Downtown Kingman, right up the middle of Rt66. If you cant, or dont want to race there is alot of good spectating to be had, beer gardens, chili cook off and just a good ol ******* time. Two years ago there were funny cars, though it was kind of a waste they would do a burn out for the lenght of the track then a run and it was just another full length burn out, but its fun seeing it right in the middle of town on a street I drive down every day.

If anyone is interested it 5.00 a day or 8.00 for the weekend.
If anyone is going let me know and I'd like to meet up and shoot the breeze and have a cold one if im not riding.

Hope to see ya there,

EDIT: Heres what they require to race a quad or bike

CR TRAINING - Motorcycle/Quad Class
Street legal licensed motorcycles and stock unmodified quads require riders to wear long pants and leather jacket or other approved motorcycle jacket.
No tank tops flip flops, etc. Shoes must be leather and cover the ankles.
Leather gloves required.
Helmet MANDATORY Snell 95 or higher
All modified bikes and quads require full safety gear as required by NHRA.
Wheelie bars optional.
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