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KillerQuads R.....

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ITS A 450R.... i think youve seen one before.... :D

This is my R.... a month and a half ago with out the hood and the pipe....

This is my R and my Buddies Z after we got back from the BADLANDS in ATTICA IN....... and there are also some pics of my 440ex with no tank or head.... it looks even worse now we have her torn completly apart.....
Looks like Schmits R..

I hope they work....

I have some more pics of it with the hood and the pipe on it but not downloaded yet.....
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Awesome slideshow! Looks like you guys had fun... :)

Yea it was pretty fun but i still got some more pics coming.... i will get them up this weekend or early next week..... i got some stuff coming for it.....
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i like your tire and wheel combo
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