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Kibble white spring set

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I no longer need this Kibble White CRF valve spring kit. This kit fits all 2006 and up trx's and early to current CRF's. This is a performance upgrade to the 04-05's as it uses the 5.0mm exhaust valve diameter. So if you have an 04-05 trx, you simply install new 5.0mm guides. This IMO is a prefered setup. Come with the Ti retainers and dual springs for all 4 valves. I just got a brand new setup and this was going to be a backup but I will not need it. This retails over $200. I want $125.00 for the kit plus shipping.
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are these made for the KW SS valves???

EX: I am going to be upgrading to +1 KW valves all around. (work will be done by venom) would these be the same springs required for the new valves??

If yes, Ill take them.

PM me with info please!
Smokin deal right there!!!!
Ill take them! If pGreenLaw doesnt of course.

if the kit is new... ill take em... paypal ready... let me know and ill send immediatly.
SOLD! Thanks again! gonna go hide in a hole and cry.

Lol- Good Buy PGreenLaw

ARRGHHH...damn gettin burned buy good deals often. damn it....good buy. lol
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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