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2006 trx 450er. Stock motor, sparks full exhaust, elka legacy series shocks, and many more boltons!!
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Lately I’ve been reading a lot of old threads on electrical/wiring issues with 06+ trx450,s. Simply because I know nothing about the electrical system and and want to educate myself ,Incase my 06 runs into some of the many issues I’ve been reading. They can be costly and have lots of down time. It has been very informative but I’ve noticed one small detail on a good majority of the posts (especially the pics). These quads are off road vehicles and they collect lots of dirt,mud,sand etc. in every nook and cranny. Especially under the Front hood.
I screen shot a couple pics so you can see how dirty some of these quads components are.
After speaking with a few mechanics (certified & garage kings) they all said keeping the electrical components (and entire quad at that matter) clean is crucial to maintaining good strong electrical currents, and avoiding any damage.Everyone knows to clean their quad, air filter, motor, frame,fenders etc. but you’d be surprised how many people do not clean wiring harness and components under the hood. Which more times then not is the culprit with electrical issue’s.
So I use electric contact cleaner on all components especially at all connections & wiring thru out. From under front hood - back to the brake light wire. I never have or had an electrical issue (knock on wood). To the dirt lovers out there who love to tear it up. Keep your wiring components clean after every ride and it might save you some trouble down the road.
Here are pics of dirty components versus mine. Cleanliness is Godliness!!!!!! Sorry in advance for long post. Thanks 🙏 for taking the time to read it.
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