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Just got my 04 450R!!! Pics Inside!!

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Well, I had been looking and looking and I came across what I think was an AMAZING deal! I got this quad from the original owner for $2400 CASH!!! It runs great, and is fast as hell!!

What do you guys think?? Good deal?

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looks awesome man, glad to see another 04 around here now!!

which moose bumper did you get? i got the big one, and i LOVE IT its tough as hell!!! goodluck and enjoy!!
I cancelled my moose order online, and am going with the H-bomb bumper...
good deal that exhaust must be loud! post pics of the graphics when you get em!
helluva deal man. congrats. welcome to the family lol. i bet that pipe is loud as fack
Greatt lookin bike for sure, super clean :thumbsup:
That pipe is ridiculously LOUD....but I love it. I have a small dilemma I posted about in the project section...take a look and give some opinions!! I hope to get it all done and post up a video for you guys!!

Thanks for the welcome and all the comments!!!
Congrats. Looks like an awesome deal.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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