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Just got back from the Sparta GNCC

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What a mud bath. Right after we got there when the gates opened, it rained and rained and it rained almost all night. They was pulling people in with dozers and then had to pull them out. What a mess. you couldn't hardly stay up while walking.

I raced in the morning in the super senior class. It was a hard time staying on the track. All of the off camber hills and turns was very slick. After the first lap everything was getting rutted out real bad. The creek crossings was getting deeper from all the rain and ruts. There was lines everywhere on the hill climbs. People trying to find a way around the mud.

Over all it wasn't a bad weekend, I came away with a second place placque and finised 31st overall out of 315 riders, and we visited the local strip club. Its one of the best in the Midwest. If in the area I strongly recomend it. You will come away with smiles like we did.

By the way Bill Balances winning streak came to an end. Jeff Stoess from the Quad Shop pulled his first Pro win.
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I was there also...and it was a huge mud pit. I didn't get out of the parking lot till 10pm. The group i was with, finished fairly decently for the conditions. I didn't race (not enough funds) but i did walk about 5-6 miles of the course and could tell that it was going to be wet, muddy, and slick. RedRider, how did you like that real long creek section?

It is great to finally see Jeff on the podium, and in first. Surprisingly Ballance wasn't even on the podium.

Good times for all, I may have enjoyed watching the idiots try their luck at the mud bog better than the actual race.

That creek crossing was rough. It had some deep holes in it. I thought the second lap was the slickest. I slid up against a tree and this guy comes over and helps me get it out, also got stopped on the hill that had all kinds of lines and lined with quads. I followed one guy and he got stuck and I had to go around him and got caught up on a laydown tree for a minute or so. We got out of there around 2:30, did it rain more? When we got back over into Indiana we got dumped on, twice.

They didn't do any sound testing this time, so everybody passed.
yeah around 5 or so it poured for about 20 minutes straight then slowed down to a light rain for the next hour and a half. Made the fields even more of a mess....i had great fun watching everyone being pulled out.

everyone was kinda worried about the sound tests, expecially since at the last race they passed out a big flyer saying the WOULD test at sparta...and then they didn' they kinda lost faith in the system. From what i heard they just glanced over the bike then punched the card...didn't pull the kill cord or anything.

They were soooo behind they just scanned and punched. No tether testing or sound. Registration didn't start until 6:30 or 7:00 Friday evening and I think with all the other troubles going on tethers and sound was the least of their worries.
my truck wating to be pulled out

wasn't budging

Some pics from the race
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Originally posted by fast@May 3 2004, 01:51 PM
how did you get your truck out
Like everyone else got out.....pulled out by a mini dozer
that RV behind u must have been hard even for the mini
Originally posted by fast@May 3 2004, 01:57 PM
that RV behind u must have been hard even for the mini
they had 2 or 3 of the mini dozers...they were beasts, one pulled the yamaha race rig (full size semi) up the entrance hill. They also had some of the huge 4x4 tractors to pull out the bigger RV's
Thats what i call just plain stupid by the RACER PRODUCTIONS......... Half the feild that was there couldnt race because they where trying to get unstuck..... just cancle the Damn thing and make it up later..... yea the quads can get through it all but what about the people driveing their quads in on trailers and with trucks..... GEEE they dont have Dozers pulling their trailers ... now lets think about this for a second.... maybe we should cancele the race so we dont have a big ass mess with .... they canceled the Bikes because the probably couldnt find all the quads left in the woods...... <_<

DUMB DUMB DUMB...... its not Browd Way.... the show doesnt always have to go on........ :huh:
I was wanting to race in this one but my didn't have my chassis skid yet. I'm glad it didn't show up because i would've been late for work after helping everyone get unstuck.
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