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IMS Fuel tank with quadtech, wont fit

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HI guys another question, i have fitted my IMS tank and have laker plastics with quadtech hood. The plastics with the hood wont fit as the hood rests on the tank at the top becuase the tank is a bit bigger. Has anyone encountered this. I can shave the hood but not happy about it. Has anyone had fitment issues with quadtech and IMS combined. Thankyou.
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What year quad are you working on. I have the IMS tank with Quad tech hood on an 04 and had no issues.
Its an 07. Just seems like the mounting holes on the ims are too wide compared to the hood. please could you post a picture close up of yours? thankyou.
I put mine on last night and it was hitting the tank also. I tucked in the bottom mounts of the hood to the inside of the fenders. (they will kind of catch/hook on) I cut off the wing type looking mounts at the top of the hood and trimmed (keeping the same shape) to clear the tank and drilled new holes thru the hood and into the plastic the flat spot just where the stock indentions are on the plastic for the stock hood. (flat spot) I also drilled a hole in my finger at the same time!
Please could you post a picture for me. Im planning on cutting it later today but would like to see yours first as i dont understand what you mean. If you could do it for me soon i would really appreciate it. thanks.
lets see how yours is hitting. post pics.
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