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I'd like to apologize...

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To all you Muts fans out there. Guess the $167 million savior wasn't quite enough this year & it looks like Reyes isn't as good at making predictions as Rollins is...sorry guys
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i was at the phils game today, what a beautiful thing. and a day earlier than last year.
There tonight as well. Was a great game. Mets are the NL East Choke Champs
I tried getting last minute tix, but they were outrageous. I figured I'd just save it for the playoff games.
I kinda feel bad we keep taking "their" division from them.
Mets didn't even make the post season! Talk about a team that knows how to choke!
That's a shame they didn't make it...
Bring on the Brewers!!!!
Lonnie hit me up if you wanna do a game this week. I'll have to get tix off stubhub or something
I'd like to go but I have a feeling I'm going to be working on this YFZ ALL week. NEVER get work done at CT. If you want stop by. Beer on Tap.
I'll be by I want to see this beast. Is it going to be ready for this weekend? Supposed to be perfect weather.
Go Brew Crew!!

Thanks Mets
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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