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I went riding out near Bend, Oregon this week

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I went to Millican Valley this week near Bend, Oregon. Its a pretty big place. Lots of trails. Unfortuneatly lots of rocks too. And very dusty. You can open it up out there though. I was running wide open in 5th gear. Had a good time til I hit a rock and bent a tie rod. Then I got lost. Big time. When I saw I was low on gas, I got on the highway to get back to the truck. Rode the highway back about 15 miles at 70 or so mph. Finally got back to the truck. When I was loading my quad I noticed I broke my swing arm bolt also.
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looks like a pretty cool place to ride.

sucks about the broken bolt, but atleast it broke clean.. easy removal.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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