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i need help

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so i just got back from the dunes and didnt ride much maybe 20min. my quad started blowing oil out of the crank case breather tube. does any one know why this could be?
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sounds like you crank seal might have gone out... are adding too much oil due to the fact that sometimes the oil level may look low,when in reality it is fine.I have noticed the 06-up Rs sometimes need to be started and run for a couple minutes,then shut off and checked a few minutes later to determine the true oil level.
same thing happend to me on my 05 trx. After racking my brain for hours trying to figure it out..... blaming it on bad rings, worn cylinder, bad valve seals ..etc. I finally drained the oil, looking for the culprit.. and refilled it and it never did it again.... so I figured it must of been from over filling it!! my 05 is real finicky that way...
i havent added any oil since last time i rode and its not the breather tube that goes to the air box its the little hose that comes off the back of the cylinder, i have no idea what happened but the little bit of riding covered the hole side of my motor frame and some of my plastics. im gettin tired of this thing if its not one thing its another. i think ima call and tell them to come get it, i been so stressed out tryin to get it to run good im beginning to think its not worth the 300 dollars a month. with that kind of money i could build a pretty nice quad from scratch and almost have it done for next season
check you tranny and engine oil levels to spec using the manual. heat up and let site to check correctly and tell us what you find.

if that isnt it, then you def have a seal broken and its leaking oil through the cases.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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