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I made the switch, well for trails at least

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Well i said id never do it but i got hooked. Ive owned this CRF for over a year and i bet it was only rode twice, i tried it on a track and i just couldnt adjust, i hated going from local pro on a quad and back to C class on a bike hahah. So it set for almost 8 months.Well yesterday i wanted to go trail riding and sure enough all i had that would run is the CRF so i said F it i was taking it. I fell in love with it. I adapted in no time and was hauling ace. It rides so smooth and would climb anything. I liked it so much i set my alarm this morning, loaded up and went at it again. Now im ready to start doing more trail riding again. No bottoming out and no worries of fitting through areas is nice lol
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