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This is a PM I sent telling what I thought after putting the HRC power up kit on.

At first I ran it with the 14t I could feel a ever so slight loss in the very bottom. Not much. Mid felt stronger and the top screamed like a raped ape. I then tried the 13t. Man this is the hot set up. It pulled stronger out of the hole then stock no question. Mid was stronger then stock, and again top end pull was super strong. Throttle responce was much faster. the power band was very broad and very smooth. It does not lug at low rpms any more. I don't feel like it is a ton faster. But it is not so peaky anymore. Just very strong pull for bottom to top. And I'm very pleased. I thing a rev box is in order because it is still pulling so hard when the limiter kicks in. What a nice change that could be used in any condition.

I recommend this set up to anyone with out hesitaion.[/b]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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