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Here are some notes from my HRC kit installation:
  • The entire installation (remove all the plastics and gas tank, install cam, air box mods, jetting, and exhaust--then reassemble) took me 5-1/2 hours
  • The bolt that holds the cam assembly together is a bear! Having been forewarned, I heated it up with a torch and dissembled it without damage. But that threadlocker they used during assembly is very stiff.
  • The cam-chain tensioner thing is weird. There's no good explanation in the manual of what to do with it, but here's what I found: When you remove the bolt and washer from the end, as suggested, there seems to be a screwdriver-adjustable slot down in the tube (where the screw was) that adjusts cam-chain tension. But when you turn the adjuster clockwise to loosen the tension, it doesn't stay by itself (it tries to spring back). So I used a vise-grip on a small screwdriver to hold the adjuster in position (keep the chain loose) by wedging the vise-grip against the frame where it would hold the screwdriver and prevent it from turning. The question was: how tight to make the cam chain later, during assembly. I just did it by feel and it seems to work. Some here described "removing it altogether," but I don't know how they did it. Did they remove the two bolts at the base that hold the entire assembly to the engine case? I couldn't get a socket or wrench in there to do that, so I left it on there.
  • I never took the shims out, so there was no need to mark them or their position.
  • I found it more realistic to just remove the entire carb than to try to change the main jet and needle in place.
  • The kit includes a new breather tee, but I'm not sure why; it doesn't look much different than the stock one.
The real bummer is that I won't have a chance to try it out until next weekend! I went riding yesterday before installing the kit, and even bone stock the 450R is very strong.
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