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How Do I Post Pics?

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OK..for everyone that wants to know how to post pics that are ya go!

1) Go to the picture online then right click on it.

2) Click on properties

3) Copy the URL shown for your picture

4) Go to forums and make a post

5) Click on the 'IMG' button

6) Paste URL there

PS: You can post as many pictures under one post as you want.
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^^^Haha...I love to help :D
I can only post 10 pics in a single post <_< or has Schmitty changed that now?
its still 10. it kind of helps when the 56k guys try to look at the page. already if you posted 10 pics per post you could have 120 pics on the page. the maximum number of posts per page is 12.
Why did you post those here lukester?? And if you read above it says you can post more that one pic per post
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Originally posted by TrX450rKiD@Apr 6 2004, 01:40 PM
Why did you post those here lukester?? And if you read above it says you can post more that one pic per post
I posted them here because I was reading the instructions. I don't know how to do this stuff. Like multiple pics for example. Sorry.
also how do you do avatars? thanks
Let me try to explain this.

Step by step
1 click my controls in the top tool bar
2 click Edit avatar settings in the side toolbar that appears
3 here you have three choices

{A} you can pick from a predetermined set of avatars by selecting an ablum and clicking go to show the choices, click the image you desire and click use selected avatar.

{B} if the image is on another site or you have already hosted it, then you must find the picture, right click on the picture, select properties, then copy and paste the url, then click update avatar.

{C} if the image is saved on your computer (no larger than 100 x 100 pixels and smaller than 85kb in file size)** click the browse button and find the picture you wish to use, click open, click update avatar.

** if the image is to large you can email it to me and i can shrink it down to the correct size for you. So if you have a cool pic but it is to big, just let me know.

Let me know if anything is unclear.

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Thanks for the help jonesey! I will put one up there eventually.
Luke, I deleted your pics but please repost them in the readers rides section!!!!
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Thanks schmitthead. Sorry for the problem guys I'm not to good at the computer thing yet.
yeah iam still tryin to figure this thing out too.
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blake, looks like you got the avatar now. Are you having problems with posting pics on the forum now?
kinda, do you post pics under the pics and video forum the same way?if not how do you do it ? :(
You post pics the same through out the board. Although the pics and video section is used to keep the lounge from getting cluttered and it is easier to find them if they are seperated.

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