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Horsefall Oct 3rd

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I have group that's going to be riding the weekend of Oct 3rd down at horsefall, if anyone's going to be down there and wants to go drag on the flats stop by. Our site we will be set up right out the front the of entrance into the dunes.

We plan on doing some runs up to Spinreel too.

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Too bad you're not going the weekend before. I'll be at Spinreel from the 25th thru the 29th. I'd definitely meet up for some drag racing. I've got some videos of us drag racing on those flats on youtube. Maybe check them out. My name on youtube is the same as on here.
Maybe you or someone can help with this question.
I know there are water spickets all over at Horsfall but do they have hose hook-ups to fill water tanks for toy haulers? Like can I screw my hose onto the faucet?

Thanks for the help
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