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has anyone seen these yet,i saw them in dirtwheels and liked them.then i saw them at my buddies house and man, those things look like they will tear up some ground. they have some nice side lugs,iam very impressed with these . i wasnt a big fan of holesots but i am now. its a toss up between razr2s or these. ^_^
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I think I'm going to get a set of these as spares for my 22" XCRs
Here they are:

You guys should check out ITP's updated site, looks awesome..but one part looks an awful lot like Pro Armor
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You can't go wrong with either the HD's or the Razor's! They're both great tires, although I've never used the HD's myself!

But, I'm sure they are great! :D
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i cant wait till i get my h-d's cus i think the stock tires r horrible <_<
I got roosted by a guy on another R with them on ..... does that count :D

I saw them up close and personal.... :huh:

I think i will order me some to go along with my iRazrs, Razrs, and Razr2s......
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I feel for steering, you can't beat the Maxxis Razor 2's!
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I agree with Rico on that..... i dont think you can beat the Razr2s on steering...... but i like for my rear to act like my front .... STICKY...... a lot of people say that they like the Razrs because the can break them loose when ever they want.... I could break 16 Penny Nail studdy tires loose if i wanted to so i like my rears to just bit and stay bitting...... i have alway had luck with the Holeshots bitting and haveing a good bit but they dont offer the side lugs like the razrs which is what make the razrs Supeior....... now w/ the HDs i think that ITP might have something..... :mellow:
I agree with Killerquad, I think that is why the HD came out because of the Razor 2's. It look as though the HD front are narrower and the HD back have the bite like the Maxxis. I to like the backs of the xcr's better for sliding and grip. I'm hoping maybe the HD will have the best of both worlds!
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ITP is garbage...every tire iv'e used of theirs has been trouble with staying on the bead & wearing down really fast...iv'e used the holeshots on a friends craptor & on my old 400ex
I do have to say that the ITPs are a little softer and dont where as good but then again if you are me i change tires once every couple of months.... ive gone through 3 pairs of reas and 2 on the front.... i like to keep that razor edge on them so wear doesnt really matter to me.... i think that the HDs however are build almost identical to the Rars and there for they will have the same where and life....

The reason that you had trouble with the ITPs staying on the bead was that they weight so little do to the fact they have a 6ply tread area but still a 4 ply side wall or less ... the like to fold over on you but that is only if you have very little pressure in them and you are really hammering them around a corner.... it happened to me a couple of times....
I just got holeshot XCT this weekend and was too debating over razrs and theses, i did personnaly notice the itp lug is much softer, but but a bit taller lug, i did realize they would wear faster, but the seemed like they would bite better in the dirt., IMO
i like the razo2 for the rears do a little better job in the cornors as far as sliding. with the holeshot hd they do bit good but to good in the cornors and caused me to be more tippy than the razos.and jumbo itp isnt the only tire that will do that given the right situation razors can to. its not as easy to do because they have a stiffer sidwall but it can happen.
they way to coorect this is BEADLOCKS they wont bust the bead off the rim then. i like both but will stay with the razors for now.
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