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Lastnight I finally got to pick my 450 up from the shop, Well when i got there i hopped on it and took it down the road and i noticed it sputtered really bad, the only time it doesnt is when its idleing and acceleration. when i got back up to his shop i asked about the sputtering and he said i didnt let it warm up long enough, So i went and got some race fuel this mornin and started my break-in process, on start up i let it sit and idle/warm up for 10 mins....then i got on it and took off and the sputtering was worse and the only times it doesnt is on acceleration and idling like before,

he told me it was jetted a little rich due to him not being able to get an hrc needle, but he put a dyna jet needle it in i think, im not sure what he said i was so excited about gettin it back. BUt

The upgrades where a 13.5.1 weisco...and i was just wonderin will it do this until its broken in good or what?
Is it my jetting?

i need to get this lined out
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NO one has any input on this?
you have to put a hrc needle in you cant mix and match parts from different kits and jets because the needles have differnt tapers and can stick open and do some funny things. thats what i was told by baldwin when working on a firends 05 carb. check your jetting and see what he set it at and go from there. post up the settings and we can help more.

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