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Honda TRX 450er, 2008, CylinderWorks Big Bore Zylinder, long stroke crankshaft, Statge2 camshaft
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I ride a Honda TRX 450. Year of construction 2008. The following components are available.
Cylinder Works big bore. Stage2 camshaft. long-stroke crankshaft. Open air filter. Yoshimura exhaust. I hope that's enough to understand my problem.

I have a problem with my carburettor when setting the mixture at idle. The screw only reacts satisfactorily with an auxiliary nozzle of 38. But since a 42 was originally installed, I'm afraid of damaging the engine when driving slowly. If I install a 42 idler jet, it's very difficult for me to get the quad on when it's warm. It pops and chokes on startup. But with a 38 it works.

Can you help me with what could be?
The carburettor has been cleaned and all the seals have been checked. I'm at a loss.

Thanks in advance
Greetings Ronny
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