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hey everybody! Well, I guess I should start off by saying that I am brand new to this forum and this is my first post. I wasn’t exactly Sure where I should’ve placed it but this look like a good a place as any and it has a lot of threads so I figured it might have the most potential to be seen.

So, I picked up a 2005 TRX450R for a really really great deal a few weeks back and it’s got some issues going on with it, but I kind of knew that and expected it and for the price I paid it was worth it.
So, it is getting harder and harder to start and a good buddy of mine that has always had a TRX 450 R told me something about adjusting the valves when it gets hard to start? But I haven’t messed with any of that yet because I hear a loud sound which sounds almost like a metal just rubbing on something like it’s hard to explain, almost like if you took two metal cast-iron pots and rub the bottoms of them together. The sound is not coming from the top of engineer cylinder head, nor at the very bottom it is basically in the middle from top to bottom. I did a full oil change the other day and I did find a couple very small shavings of metal on the filter and then that very very very find glittery appearance in the oil when held up to the sunlight. So it’s definitely got metal going into the oil. My question is, where do I start? How do IFigure out what it is that is causing that noise, metal in oil and performance issues? The thing still rides and runs like a bat out of hell, but the fact that it has something major going on tells me that it probably is supposed to run and ride even faster I just don’t know it because this is how it’s ran since I got it a few weeks ago. Please help me try to determine what the heck is going on without having to take the whole thing apart, because I am not at all an ATV Mechanic. Thanks in advance everyone!
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