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I have a great combo for sale. This is state of the art head. It is fully CNC'd ported and flow tested. It is a brand new OEM casting with +2 titanium int and custom nimonic +3 exh valves. It has Beryllium seats on all valves, custom springs, custom keepers and retainers, and its decked .035mm. This is top notch head and no expense was spared. Its capable of 70+ HP. I also have a 100mm N-Motion cylinder with a custom machined CP piston, machined to clearance bigger cams. This setup is designed for CRF type pin. So it only works with stroke cranks designed for CRF pin. The head has 2 days riding and a few dyno runs on it. The cylinder and piston are brand new, 14-1 comp, actually the cylinder isnt even back from US Chrome yet, be here next week.
This setup will run you 4k brand new.

I will sell it for 2250.00 plus shipping. This is a firm price, serious inquiries only please.
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Sick, sick head right there. A work of art with all the highest of high quality parts available. This is an unbelieveable setup. You get what you pay for here......
Thanx Gary! You know what this baby can do!

Allmost forgot I have a Dyna programable CDI for an 04/05 TRX. This is the one with 4 different settings.........150.00 shipped.
How much for just the head?? ANd what would that big of valves do to a stockbore? Who did the actual porting.

i don't actually think you can run this head on a stockbore?? correct me if i'm wrong but i had read that the valves would interfere with the cylinder unless on a big bore?
Sounds like a pretty healtyh setup! Is this pretty much bolt up & go w/ some carb work and a good intake/pipe?
Also, who ported the head? What year?
Its a very healthy setup..............sorry I slipped, its for an 04/05 model.

This head was done by General Engineering..........His engines/builds have won the Pikes Peak unlimited class 12 years straight.

this is the real deal, no smoke or mirrors. You get the best of the best with this head/setup.

I would sell the head seperately, thats gonna run ya 1500 bucks and thats a deal guys!

Thats correct, stock bore would have some valve clearance issues. I would run at least a 97 mm bore.
zipps i will be hollaring at you when i get back in the states if you still got the cylinder and piston. is this the one we were messageing about that may fit my 6mm crankworks crank? just curious. later man

Cylinder/piston showed up today.............So I have it here ready to go.

Piston/cylinder wall clearance is perfect............0008.

Bigbadc10............I need to know the specs of you crank/rod.
Sale pending on the cylinder/piston.
Ive decided to sell both heads..........So I have 2 of these heads for sale. Both heads are exactly the same only 1 head is not decked and never ran. So the other head has all the same features as described in the first post. 1 was setup for TRX piston, the one thats not decked, and the other is setup for CRF piston, which is the one thats decked.

The decked head listed above is still 1500.00
The other head that isnt decked, never ran is 1600.00

Again these are brand new castings, all new everything. Only the best parts, professionally built, CNC ported and flow tested.
Im getting out of riding/building so I am selling the left over parts.

Guaranteed to be top notch work and performance.
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